Windows 10

Microsoft has just launched a new build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview, with the version number 10074. Anyone who has enrolled in the Windows Insider Program and are in the Fast Ring should be able to download the new build.

In addition, Microsoft has released ISO files for the new 10074 build, which can be downloaded from its website. That means this build is available for members of the Windows Insider Slow ring as well.

Microsoft's Gabrial Aul stated in a blog post today:

"With this build we continue to evolve the features and design for Windows 10, and you'll see a lot of subtle changes and improvements, many of which were influenced directly by Windows Insiders. One of those changes is the reintroduction of some Aero Glass elements in the UI, but there are many more things throughout the product as well. We continue to use your feedback directly day to day in how our feature teams operate, and we hope that Windows 10 will be the best version of Windows yet because you had a direct hand in its creation."

"One other subtle change that you'll notice is that we've changed how we talk about the builds from "Technical Preview" to "Insider Preview" to reflect the importance of the Windows Insider community in how we're building Windows 10."

Source: Microsoft

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