A new video on the official Windows YouTube channel - New Devices for the new Windows - showcases new range of Windows devices that fits a variety of lifestyle scenarios.

The video does not feature any traditional laptops or desktops, but focuses on the new innovative touchscreen convertibles and the Windows RT tablets. It’s also cute that both Surface 2 and Nokia Lumia 2520 are featured together in the same video!

The five devices featured in the video are:

  • Toshiba Encore: The 8" Windows 8.1 tablet combines pocket-sized portability with a high-definition screen that you can take anywhere.
  • HP Split x2: The stylish tablet-laptop hybrid offers a mix of productivity and entertainment features.
  • Surface 2: The flagship tablet from Microsoft is thinner, faster, and lighter than the first-generation Surface RT.
  • Dell XPS 18: Dell’s powerful all-in-one PC can also be undocked and carried around as a tablet.
  • Nokia Lumia 2520: The Windows RT tablet is Nokia’s maiden flirtation with tablets and a great alternative to Surface 2.

Over all, it's a quality ad that we hope to see on TV. It's stylish, to the point and gets you thinking. What say you?