Looks like that Windows Phone 8 SDK preview (leaked on the web a few days ago) is still coughing up many little changes. The latest deals with the Live Tiles of Windows Phone 8 and yes, there are some subtle but welcome changes.

  • New Live Tile counter – instead of a black circle we now have a square which more closely matches the Metro UI
  • Tiles can cycle through images – we’re not sure what this is called but evidently a Live Tile can have multiple images within it, allowing it to run through them.

The first one is well overdue in our opinion as the circle counter really never fit in with the Tiles not to mention they sometimes were jaggy. Going to Square looks much better to us and we bet you’ll agree too...

WP Central

Square2 in Windows Phone 8

The cycle-image feature is unique as it makes those Live Tiles even more “alive” now. We’re not sure how this feature works just yet but we’re thinking if on the Windows Phone Central app, it could run through the latest images form our top stories. Just a guess on our part but that would spice up the Start screen even more.

What are you thoughts on these changes? Sound off in comments!

Source: .NET App; Thanks, Jey Si, for the link