Just a little while ago we mentioned how WM6.5 (early, pre-release) was being ported over for CDMA phones and that we can expect a newer, updated WM6.5 ROM to be coming out. Well that day is here.

Once again, Conflipper at ppcgeeks has manged to not only get his hands on but post some screen shots of what's new.

The now infamous "honeycomb" launcher is there, but not running smoothly, which tells us that some hardware graphics accelartion may be needed.  We also see that Windows Media Player gets a healthy and welcomed makeover, resulting in a much more thumb friendly UI.

Perhaps the biggest news though is the inclusion of MyPhone, Marketplace (something we were expecting) and also the unheard of (until now) "Outlook Live" application.  Glancing over the screenshot, it appears that this new service will allow you to sync multiple e-mail accounts.  For those who remember, MS had launched an "Outlook Live" service back in 2005 as a way to sync up your hotmail and Outlook account information into one single area, unifying the services.  Then the test program was seemingly canceled, with promises of a return to something in the future.  Perhaps that day is now approaching with a re-vamped version in WM6.5?

Also, cryptically someting referred to as "WMwidgets" was also found, though we're not what that exactly is yet.

We'll post more info as it comes about, until then take a look at some more WM6.5 screenies after the jump.

Thanks Conflipper!


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