The video from Windows Phone FR is in French and is a whopping 10 mins long, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it shows the upcoming Xbox LIVE game 'Hasta La Muerte' in all its glory.

The game was recently announced at E3 as part of the new 'bit titles' for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone. To refresh, the game is described from our previous post as:

"A Windows Phone exclusive from French developer Pohlm Studio, Hasta la Muerte places gamers in control of one of death’s emissaries. The emissary must free the souls of the dead in order to prevent them from becoming cursed lost souls. He won’t go it alone as friendly souls called Soulpets offers assistance. Hasta la Muerte features over 30 levels, boss battles, and a stark European art style that’s unlike anything else on the platform."

We think it looks pretty amazing, as we don't have a game like this in the Marketplace. According to Windows Phone FR, it should be in the Marketplace in the next few weeks.

Source: Windows Phone FR