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Looks like the same old Zune Pass to us

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Engadget managed to get their hands on some Xbox Music Pass screens from the Xbox 360 beta program.

The images supposedly reveal the new pricing program and feature set though to our eyes, we’re not actually seeing anything different here besides a little more control over content. In the images, clearly from the UK, we can see the pricing of £8.99 ($15) for a month, while £89.90 ($146).

But does that carry over to the US? We have a few screenshots too sent in to us and the US pricing is exactly the same as the current Zune Pass: $9.99 a month or $99 a year, masking the implied price jump here.

Xbox Music

Other than that though, we’re not seeing anything too radically different. Yesterday in our hands on video with the Windows Phone 8 SDK, we showed you what the Xbox Music store looked like—turns out it is literally a rebranding with some cloud storage.

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Engadget's UK image reportedly shows new pricing

While all of those changes are welcome, for current Zune Pass members so far we see little change in their plans if at all when Xbox Music Pass replaces it next month. Of course, Microsoft may still introduce a Video pass option and other goodies at BUILD, but for now this doesn’t look like anything really new.

Thanks, anon, for the photos