Hey ho - we have some exciting bits of news from the folks over at the WMExperts Store. First bit - we're told that Gift Certificates are now live and ready to go, just in time for Holiday shopping. They start at $25 and go on up, and the nice bit is you can either print it out yourself and wrap it up or you can just email the sucker directly to your giftee.

The Gift Certificates use PayPal's system... which means the store as a whole now does as well! So when you check out now you have the option to enter all your information or just log into PayPal where you likely have it all conveniently saved anyway. Noyce.

Lastly, the kind folks there at the store have created a coupon for all us little campers. We know a bunch of ya are hunkered down from the crazy amount of snow that's been flying around lately, so you won't be leaving your cozy little homes this weekend anyway. So this weekend only (i.e though midnight on Sunday), you can use the coupon code SNOWEDIN to get 10% off your order.

(...no, it won't work when you try to buy a gift certificate, you sneaky git. But it will work when your loved one redeems it.)