If you backed the Continuum-based NexDock on Indiegogo, you may be waiting a bit longer to get your hands on one. The company revealed today that a fire broke out in the manufacturing facility producing the units, destroying most of the first NexDock shipments preparing to go out.

Fire-damaged NexDocks

From NexDock:

Unfortunately, we woke up to terrible news and pictures from our ODM this morning. Apparently, a fire broke out in the manufacturing facility last weekend. We do not know the extent of the fire because the entrance to the facility has been blocked by the police.

According to our conversation with the ODM, the fire broke out near the assembly line. This means that most NexDocks that were going through the assembly process are damaged or destroyed. At this time, we don't know the state of NexDocks, which went through the assembly and were stored in another section of the facility, if entire or partial quantity is affected by the fire.

NexDock says that its ODM partner is now working to produce new NexDock units at another facility, but the company may be looking at a delay of around 3 months for shipments to start going out. NexDock says it will have more details in the coming days.

Thanks to Jeff and Jaghma for the tips!

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