Windows Phone next app star competition

The Windows Phone next app star competition is in full swing, today kick started round 3 of voting and we're thrilled to say that the official WPCentral app is still in the running!

Microsoft are offering the chance to win a free Lumia 920 everytime you vote and you can vote once each round so if you've not won yet then try voting again today! Each round an app wins nets new prizes for the developers as well, with the ultimate prize being a prime time TV commercial featuring the winning app.

As part of this promotion there is also a new marketplace collection showing all 64 finalists of the 9000+ original entrants. We've borrowed Microsoft's listing which you can see below, or even swipe right in our app and tap the "download app" button to see the full list. Please note that this is the most apps we've ever listed in one post so you might want to give the app a few seconds before tapping so it can retrieve all the names from Microsoft!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has voted for us so far, it's been an incredible response from our community and it humbles us here at Windows Phone Central to see how amazing you guys really are. Of course with that said we've been up against some incredible apps so far, so make sure you check out ARMED and Reading Lens if you haven't already, and our new competition WizTiles is a great way to customise your start screen, so give it a try.


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