Sources within Microsoft revealed to the Wall Street Journal that the Redmond company is set to unveil a 7-inch tablet later this year. It will be part of the Surface family and launch alongside other Surface branded devices.

We’ve been hearing about a 7-inch tablet from Microsoft for a long, long time. The internet went crazy with rumors of an “Xbox tablet” In the week leading up to the unveiling of the Surface last June. The specs at the time point to a device aimed primarily at gaming and media consumption. Which frankly, 7-inches seems to be the sweet spot for consumers looking at a more passive computing device. Additionally the resolution at the time was rumored to be 1280 x 720. Which is probable based on an upcoming change in how Windows 8 handles devices with lower resolutions.

We last heard about an Xbox tablet last June. At the time we learned about the development of a 7” gaming tablet being developed at a secret facility in Silicon Valley.

At this point it’s no secret that the Surface story is just getting started. But it’s always exciting when more news trickles out about what is on the horizon. Anyone else looking forward to a Surface device around the 7-inch mark running Windows 8?

Source: WSJ (Must be WSJ Subscriber)

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