We know you’re eagerly waiting for the next WhatsApp update. And why not? After all the beta leaks, it’s looking to be a doozy. From custom notifications, media download controls, custom backgrounds, privacy controls to many subtle UI changes, the next version of WhatsApp is looking to be a wow-worthy update.

Tonight, another private beta update has gone out (build 398), and it brings something even better than the ability to set a background image for all your chats: the ability to set custom images for individual contacts. Give your best friend one image, your significant other another and yet another for your colleagues, the choice is yours.

We’ve already documented the custom background image function, which will give users four options:

  • Gallery with 41 HQ images
  • Take a photo
  • Choose from albums
  • Search web

Furthermore, some other minor changes like the background selector, have been updated, in addition to ‘New group, ’ taking the place of ‘My status’, which has gone back into the menu system. Earlier reports had jump arrows in chats to hop quickly to the end or beginning of conversations; however these have been removed in later builds.  

No word on when this massive update to the most popular messaging app will go through, but it’s clear the developers are focusing heavily on performance, UI and features for Windows Phone users. And that's really exciting.

Note: WhatsApp beta is a private beta, so we are not sharing the link as it would not work for any non-listed members. There currently is no public way to sign up for the beta. So please don't ask for access.

Thanks, anonymous, for the info