Windows 10 start menu

Microsoft's next major build of its Windows 10 desktop preview won't likely be released next week, but the company does plan to release an update for the current 9926 build in that time frame.

Windows team member Gabriel Aul posted on his Twitter account this morning, "We don't expect to do another PC build tomorrow or following week, but do expect another WU update next week." Microsoft launched the first Windows 10 preview build for smartphones on Thursday but the last major build for the desktop preview was released three weeks ago.

If Microsoft sticks to the timeline that Aul stated in his tweet, that means the next major build for the desktop preview of Windows 10 won't be available until at least a month after the current 9926 version. That means we will have a longer wait than what Microsoft provided for the first three builds of Windows 10. They were released three weeks apart in late 2014 before the company took its holiday break.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)