Microsoft's release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview happened nearly three weeks ago, but Microsoft's Joe Belfiore recently announced the first post-release update for the OS would be available for download "soon". Now some new reports claim to have some information on what might be included in that update.

Neowin, using unnamed sources, says that one of the changes will be some new animations that will make it look like a new window flies into the screen when its icon is clicked, and then collapses when the window is minimized again. The effect is supposedly similar to how OS X handles its windows opening and closing animations, although not as dramatic.

In a separate post, Neowin also claims that Microsoft is testing a new way to check out the Network section of Windows 10. Reportedly, current internal builds now let users open up that feature in a new window when clicking on the network icon in the Charms bar, rather than having the network settings in the Charms bar itself.

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While it's likely these and other new features will be added to Windows 10 at some point, it's possible that Microsoft may wait until a future version of the Technical Preview before it puts in these specific features. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to find out. What feature do you want to see added most in the next update of the Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Source: Neowin, Neowin