Nextgen Reader

The developer has revealed that a beta program will be available for Nextgen Reader on Windows 10, which will focus on to key areas of the popular reader app - design and features. The team will look hard at how to better unite both the version for the PC and phone without hampering the user experience on either platform. And for those of you who aren't fans of the hamburger menu control:

"We definitely believe that adding hamburger control to the sdk will eventually turn out to be a massive gain for Windows app store, as tons of developers want to aesthetically match their apps on all platforms (consider shopping and banking apps across platforms and so on)."

Interested in helping to shape the future of Nextgen Reader? Head over to the official announcement post (lined below) and share your suggestions in the comments. If you'd rather download the app for yourself you can grab both versions from the respective stores:

Source: Next Matters

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