Nextgen Reader

One of our favorite RSS readers now has an update for its Windows Phone 7 users. Nextgen Reader received an update adding Feedly integration to its Windows Phone 8 application in the wake of Google Reader’s shutdown. This week, Windows Phone 7 users will be delighted to know that the update is now available for their devices also.

In addition to adding Feedly support, the new update for Nextgen Reader will bring improved twitter sharing, support for new live tile templates, and a collection of bug fixes.

If you are still on a Windows Phone 7 device we do feel a bit bad for you due to the lack of applications and what is essentially, complete abandonment by Microsoft, but at least you can enjoy your RSS feeds in style with Next Matters’ Nextgen Reader.

You can also check out our review for Nextgen Reader on Windows 8, here.

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Are you still on a Windows Phone 7 device – why haven’t you made the jump yet?