For those of you who use Google Reader on-the-go, you probably know about NextGen Reader. If not, you'll want to definitely check out new version 2.2 which has a nice package of new features, including a very impressive improvement in data delivery (always a huge addition to any update).

If you recall, version 2.x went Mango, giving some Live Tiles and custom feeds for your Start screen. Now in v2.2 the developer has gone even further:

  • Fixed live tile issues.
  • Faster sync. (changes synced immediately)
  • Huge bandwidth savings. (up to 6-10x times)
  • Google Reader service does not supports like and share in reader feature anymore.
  • Option to sort articles by oldest first.
  • Mark above as read. (tap and hold on 51st item to mark above 50 items as read)
  • Hap-tic feedback. (vibrate when download completes, or star icon tapped)
  • Display name of the folder when inside a category instead of "All Items".
  • Support for awesome readability mobilizer.
  • Lock orientation option now works in mobilizer page as well.
  • Live tile doesn't display '999' if you've more than 1000 unread items.
  • several bug fixes and improvements.

If you haven't seen our earlier hands on with v2, check out the video after the break. We're big fans of a dedicated, Metro-inspired Google Reader app and this fits the bill perfectly. You can pick up NextGen Reader here for $1.99 in the Marketplace and yes, there's an ad-free trial too.