Nextgen Reader Windows 8

Nextgen Reader is a popular RSS feed manager for Windows and Windows Phone. The app has now been updated for Windows 8.1, taking full advantage of new features available in the operating system upgrade. The release has been pushed to the store and you should be able to download/update to the latest version.

Before we crack on with what's new, we strongly recommend you check out our in-depth review of Nextgen Reader. Now you're up-to-date with what this app can do, the Windows 8.1 update introduces numerous new features that will help you be more productive in the Windows Modern UI. 

Nextgen Reader Windows 8

Here are the changes included in the latest release for Windows 8.1:

  • Added large size live tiles.
  • Support for portrait mode and 7-8" screen devices.
  • Support for resisable snap views (or docked mode).
  • Snap app and open articles directly in side by side view.
  • Tap right edge or click three dots on mouse hover in articles list for quick actions.
  • Tap or click feed title in the grids view to open item directly in browser.
  • Share to Facebook and Twitter directly from app (Buffer support coming soon).
  • Quick access to mobilisers and better confirmation prompts for "mark all read", etc.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

You can download Nextgen Reader from the Windows Store. If the update isn't quite available yet, give the store some time for the release to be pushed through.

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