Nextgen Reader Update - Feedly

In the wake of Google Reader's shutdown next week, Nextgen Reader has updated its Windows Phone 8 client to support Feedly integration. The new version of the popular Windows Phone RSS client is now available in the app store – an update for Windows Phone 7 users will be available next month.

To connect Feedly to Nextgen Reader simply go to the app’s settings, then “accounts”, and select “Feedly” - from there, you can log in and migrate your subscriptions and categories.

Nextgen’s update for Windows 8/RT is not yet available, but is expected to be coming soon. If you use Nextgen reader on your Windows Phone 8 device and your Windows 8/RT tablet, we suggest continuing to use your Google Reader account so that all data stays in sync.

We will be sure to update our readers when a Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8/RT client with Feedly integration are available.

You can download the newly update app in the Windows Phone store for $1.99 USD; for the direct link, click here.

QR: Nextgen Reader

If you had been using Google Reader - what are your new favorite alternatives?

UPDATE: Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 with Feedly support is now available to download, here, in the Windows Store.

Source: Next Matters Blog

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