We’ve previously covered the successful Kickstarter project for the NFC Ring, a metal band that gives you a two-sided method to transfer data. If the Kickstarter project hit a certain threshold to raise funds, they would make a Windows Phone app and they have done just that.

Now, MSN Video has released a nice five-minute video, hosted by Kate Russell, showcasing how the device works, including practical applications in real life situations. A little after the three minute mark, you can see a Nokia Lumia 925 being used to demonstrate the accompanying app, which you use to write instructions to the ring.

While Windows Phone users can’t use the ring to unlock their phones due to OS restrictions, they can easily use it to launch apps, share public data like contact details, make Bitcoin payments, or unlock doors. It’s a fascinating piece of technology and while everyone may not see the need for it, we think wearable tech is the next big thing to happen after the smartphone craze dies down.

NFC Ring\

In the weekly NFC Ring newsletter, we’re told that “The Windows Phone app will hopefully be approved next week, it's taking some time...”. The rings themselves aren’t due for a few more weeks either as they undergo final testing, including water resistance analysis, but when they do hit, the Windows Phone app should be ready as well.

NFC Ring Windows Phone App

We’ve contributed to the project so we should be able to give a proper tour and review of the NFC Ring when it becomes available.

Watch the MSN Video embedded (note: may not play on mobile devices); Thanks, Theo, for the tip!