NFL Live Tile is a novelty app that just hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a Mango app, so you'll need your Windows Phone updated, and allows you to display a little team pride on your Start Screen.

NFL Live Tile creates a tile on your Start Screen designed around your favorite NFL team logo. The tile is "live" in the it is double sided and flips every few seconds. You do have the ability to add text to the either side of the tile (e.g. Go Team, Packers Rule, Falcons Rule, etc).

It would be nice if the tile would update with your team's scores or display the next game on the schedule automatically. Another thing to remember about NFL Live Tile is that it won't save your text within the app. If you launch the app after creating a tile, the text fields will be blank. If you enter new text, you'll need to make sure your team logo is selected or you'll get a blank tile.

While NFL Live Tile feels like a work in progress, if you're looking for a way to add a little team spirit to your Start Screen, NFL Live Tile is worth a gander. It's a free app and if you're running Mango you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.