NFL Preseason Live

The official NFL Preseason Live app is available for Windows 8.1. The NFL preseason is officially underway. There will be a total of 65 games this preseason, and you can catch them all on your Surface Pro 3 or other Windows 8.1 device. Read on for details on how to access every out-of-market game live.

Here's what you get with the official NFL Preseason Live app for Windows 8.1:

  • Live and On-Demand Football Games: Stream all 2014 NFL Preseason games
  • Condensed Games: Watch entire NFL games from snap to whistle in approximately 30 minutes
  • Scores: View scores from around the league (Includes the option to turn scores on and off)
  • Statistics: Full box scores of archived games and stats for your favorite NFL players

NFL Preseason Live

You'll need to have a paid subscription to NFL Preseason Live to use the app. More info can be found at, but we'll spoil the surprise and let you know it'll cost $19.99 to join. Do that and you get to watch every single preseason game in NFL.

Are the Seahawks going to back-to-back Super Bowl champs? Let us know.

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