Surface Pro 3

Microsoft and the National Football League are continuing their multi-year partnership with some upgrades on the sidelines. The NFL's teams will begin to use modified versions of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 on the sidelines starting with the upcoming 2015 season. In 2014, those teams used the older Surface Pro 2 tablet to review game photos.

Engadget reports that for the 2015 upgrade to the Surface Pro 3, the NFL will test a new video system that will allow coaches to review questionable calls made by referees on the field instantly. At the moment, the test will only be used in 20 pre-season games, but if successful, its likely that the league will allow this new video system to be used in the regular season as well.

In addition, CNET reports that Microsoft is already working with the NFL to perhaps add HoloLens to the hardware list are part of the league at some point in the future. Jeff Tran, Microsoft's director of Sports and Alliances, offers some examples:

"Yes, it could be used for 3D tabletop play analysis like Microsoft's demo of Hololens Minecraft, said Tran. But it could also end up being explored for fans. "What if you're checking out stats and all of a sudden Russell Wilson jumps at you out of the TV? I'll leave it at that."

Source: Engadget, CNET