As we gear up to roll into CES 2017 this week, it looks like we can expect some form of Cortana-related announcement from none other than Nissan. The car maker took to Twitter today with a curious teaser that strongly hints Cortana will be a part of Nissan's keynote on January 5.

What that particular announcement could be is anyone's guess, but it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Microsoft team up with Nissan to bring Cortana to its cars in some capacity. Microsoft has been fairly active in teaming up with automakers recently, with its latest partnership bringing Skype for Business to Volvo's 90 series cars. In that same announcement, Volvo said it is already exploring the possibility of bringing Cortana to its cars, so Nissan could be one step ahead.

This follows a recent push by Microsoft to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to more devices and services, and Cortana is a big part of that. As part of that push, Microsoft recently announced the Cortana Devices SDK, which will ultimately bring the digital assistant to all kinds of new devices — the first of which to be revealed is a Harman Kardon speaker.

In any case, Nissan's keynote is set to kick off on Thursday, January 5. Whatever the company has to announce, we'll bring you the latest here.