Nite Ize offers several quality made cases for Windows Phones. In looking at what was available for the LG Quantum, we found the Cargo Clip Case.

The Cargo Clip Case is a vertical, leather case with elastic sides. The case holds your LG Quantum in place with a large flap the secures with Velcro. I would have preferred NiteIze used magnets to secure the flap in place. Velcro has a tendency to wear out and it also can make a bit of noise when you go to remove your phone.

The case fits on your belt by a large plastic clip that loops beneath your belt for added security.  The Cargo Clip Case has an interior pocket for items such as a credit card or cash and an elastic loop is positioned behind the flap (near the back) that can hold a Bluetooth headset.

The Quantum fit nicely inside the Cargo Clip Case. The elastic sides has enough stretch to hold the phone in place but not make removal too difficult.

The Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case is available over at the WPCentral Store for $16.95. If you don't mind velco and prefer a vertical case, the NiteIze is worth consideration.