A few days ago, we ran an odd post about the Dell Wrigley, a reportedly updated Venue Pro which we first saw on a leaked Dell roadmap back in February. But later in May, Dell was noticeably absent from the list of hardware partners. The story we recently ran suggested that at least in India, this device was oddly on the way to market. We say odd since Dell as been MIA from the Windows Phone device scene for months now.

Unfortunately, we confirmed though a higher up at Dell that the Wrigley is no more and won't be released. We're not even sure if the device ever left planning stages, to be honest. But more importantly and as expected, Dell will not be having any more "Mango" devices to offer this year or next. Sure, they'll continue to support the Dell Venue Pro, no worries there, but it looks like they are taking a break for now.

The good news, if any, is that they may (we stress may) be back for Apollo aka Windows Phone 8, presumably after they clean up and make some changes internally to better meet the demands of their client. (We should also note that Dell seems to have also pulled or reduced support for their Android line as well, making this more a mobile-division issue than Windows Phone specific.)

Thanks, Malcolm, for the info and guidance