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Ballmer takes the stage at New York

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While a handful of Windows Phone 8 ("Apollo") features were demoed by Joe Belfiore on-stage today, there was little revealed in terms of when we can look to see the next major release of Windows Phone be made available. Could Build 2012 be were Window Phone 8 is shown off completely with dates announced? It's a strong possibility.

With the Build event taking place late October, early November, it slots in with when we'd expect Windows Phone to be released. Samsung's ATIV S, Nokia's Lumia family, as well as whatever HTC unveils at its upcoming presentation, will all be what brings us up to the festive holiday season.

It was a highly anticipated wait for viewers to see what Nokia had up its sleeve, and instead of simply refreshing already released devices, the Finnish manufacturer stepped up its game with brand new features and intuitive accessories. It's a good sign for what's to come if Nokia decides to also head into the tablet race.

Windows Phone Central will be attending and covering the Build 2012 event, so you'll be sure to see the announcements on our front page.