For some who have rolled out the NoDo update, they've begun to notice a color banding issue, causing color gradients to be less than smooth, to say the least (see the above image).

Why this change was made and what's being done to alleviate it is currently not known (though we may ask around today/tomorrow). Needless to say, having a reduction in color depth and smoothness from getting an update may upset a few (this is noticeable on the HD7). 

A fix has been found but unfortunately it requires a dev unlocked device and since NoDo broke most ChevronWp7 jailbroken devices, not many can take advantage of this trick. Still, for those with legit dev unlocked phones, here you go:

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\PrimBPP dword 32

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\bpp dword 32

HKLM\Drivers\Display\Primary\PanelBPP dword 24

If you have this issue and access to this fix, let us know if it works for you. Oh and we're told via Android Central that this issue is common to Android as well. Still doesn't make us feel any better...

Source: XDA; via wmpu; Image: thanks, Robert Varga