There is some speculation going around that the Nodo update will hit the T-Mobile HD7 tomorrow. According to Microsoft's "Where's my update page" T-Mobile is still showing in the "Scheduling" phase.

It's our understanding that when "Scheduling" appears on this chart, the update is within about ten days of being distributed. The chart went live on March 23rd so if the rumor holds true, tomorrow would be within that ten day window.  Granted that T-Mobile began testing on or about the 23rd.

Yet we have all learned that the best plans can always be delayed. So for now, we'll file this under "hopeful rumor" and find out soon enough if things hold true. To all the T-Mobile HD7 owners, good luck and we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Source: TMoNews

Update:  It appears, based on the tips we've received from a number of readers (thanks as always) that T-Mobile has unleashed an update for the HD7 and Dell Venue Pro today.  T-Mobile began distributing the February pre-Nodo update today and while it's not the March Nodo update, it is a step in the right direction.

Update 2: Reports are coming in that the NoDo is being pushed after the February update as well. For those waiting, give the servers time to populate and push.

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