Today's Mango App Spotlight focuses on the camera. NoFoto lets you discretely take pictures by replacing your camera software view with a blank screen. To take a picture, just tap on the screen.

NoFoto will then focus the camera and snap the shot. The shutter sound is muted and to confirm the shot, your Windows Phone will vibrate once the picture is taken.  A number indicator will appear in the upper left corner of the screen showing how many photos have been taken.

An instructional screen will appear when you fist launch the app. From there you just tap "okay" and start taking photos. If you don't tap okay in a timely manner, the app will shut down.  In taking NoFoto out for a short test drive, it works as advertised.  If questioned, all someone will see is a blank screen giving your Windows Phone the appearance of being turned off.  There were a few times it took the camera a little longer to focus so you have to be care not to move your phone too quickly.

The downside to this Mango app is that there isn't a trial version available for NoFoto. The upside is that the app can come in handy and only costs $.99. You can find NoFoto here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.