While no deals have been struck (as far as we know), Nokia is looking forward to leveraging Windows Phone for their CDMA market re-entry, passing up any attempt on getting Symbian on the network standard.

Nokia faces a bit of an uphill battle with regards to CDMA coverage, having not had a Sprint or Verizon handset in a very long time (seriously, we don't remember the last one; shout out in comments if you do). Part of the problem went back years ago when the largest CDMA chip provider, Qualcomm was engaged in massive patent lawsuits with Nokia, causing the latter to back out of the U.S. market. Since then, Qualcomm and Nokia have buried the hatchet and even partnered together, meaning the technical issues should be resolved.

In an interview at CTIA '11, Nokia USA Vice President and General Manager Mark Slater told Forbes that the company was waiting on Windows Phone for CDMA, skipping Symbian: “Our go-forward smartphone platform for CDMA will be Windows..."

We're just excited to see Nokia mentioning CDMA in the same breath again and we look forward to our 2012 Sprint Nokia Windows Phone.

Source: Forbes; additional info: Slashgear