The stable of Nokia Windows Phone numbers keep growing--we have the SeaRay (number unknown), the 800 and now the 703. The latest showed up on the app "I'm a WP7!" by Scott Peterson (v2.6 just passed certification), which collects user model data and he kindly aggregated for us.

Of course we still don't know if these are all separate models or just variants e.g. a CDMA version, etc. We're actually leaning towards the idea that these are all different models, seeing as they have completely different categories i.e. this isn't a Nokia 801 vs 803. Still, we don't want to be premature on the issue but Nokia may be getting read to hit us big with Windows Phones.

Speaking of, they are also allowing us to vote on what the new Nokia Windows Phone series should be called in the U.S. In a tweet from Chanse Arrington, Nokia Head of Developer Marketing, North America, he linked to a poll where you can choose from a select set of names for their new phones. The choices are 

  • Fusion
  • Genesis
  • Phoenix
  • Elite
  • EZ
  • Challenger
  • Share
  • Suggest your own
  • Other

So far, "Other" and "Suggest your own" are leading the pack, which doesn't bode well for the rest. Whether or not these names are binding remains to be seen, but kudos to Nokia to reaching out to the public for some interaction on the matter. You can vote right here:

via: MyNokiaBlog, I'm a WP7! (App); Thanks, Just Visiting, for the heads up!