We're not too sure of what to make of this one but Nokia now has the Soundtracker app listed in their Collection for their Lumia line.

For those of you who don't know, Soundtracker lets you stream music to your device and then adds some social stuff to the mix, allowing you to see what your friends and neighbors are listening too and vice versa. We've really never used the service but heck, we'll give it another go as it seems to have some solid ratings and nice features.

Now before anyone gets into a huff, Soundtracker is still available for all other Windows Phones too. In fact, the one in the Nokia Collection is even the same version as that one so consider this more of an "app highlight" rather than any kind of exclusive deal with special features.

For those of you who want the Nokia version and have access to the Nokia Collection on your Lumia, you can grab Soundtracker here for free. Thanks, Jose, for the tip

QR: Nokia Soundtracker