Nokia has a not-so-now secret plan, which they aim to stick to when battling it out against Apple and Google's Android. We've witnessed the opening page of this design in the past few weeks with the scale of the advertising and how the two first handsets are priced. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Stephen Elop had a quick interview with Reuters.

"In the early days our first competitors are the other ecosystems. You see us pricing the devices so that that we can get what we think will be a good volume."

The Lumia 710 is being priced at €270, while the 800 is available at €420 (and was released today in Europe). With giving away 25,000 devices to developers, the manufacturer hopes the attractive prices and relationship building will pay off with sales. It's always been about volume with 2012 being the year when Nokia opens up the flood gates for Windows Phone. Elop moved onto explain that both high and low priced handsets will be brought to the table to combat other platforms.

"Our intent is to go very aggressively to the U.S. market."

Good news for our U.S. friends, Nokia will be hitting the shores hard, and if what they've done in the UK is anything to go by, there should be some exciting devices on the way. Also, Elop mentioned they have no plans for any Windows 8 tablets, but do find the prospect interesting.

Source: Reuters