Nokia Audio EQ

Besides PhotoBeamer, Nokia is also pushing out an update out for Audio today with a minor version change. For those who aren’t familiar, Nokia Audio is a sound settings app that gives access to the 7-band equalizer with 20 presets in addition to Dolby Headphone, Audio Leveling and now Flip to Silence in Amber devices (for phone calls). In short, it’s a pretty serious app if you listen to music on your Lumia (and after the update for Nokia Music yesterday, who isn’t these days?).

Version is now live in the Store, which is a slight bump from the previous that was last updated in January (or at least that’s the last time we reported an update). That makes getting this update a bit of a rare thing these days and unfortunately, we can’t share a changelog or notice anything new. We suppose it adds support for some new devices (maybe even forthcoming ones) or tweaks a few things here and there.

Nokia Audio can be found under Settings > Audio and works best when headphones are plugged in to activate the presets.

Regardless, there’s no harm in getting the update especially if you’re a music fan. Pick up Audio version here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Derek H., for the tip!

Notice anything new in Nokia Audio that we missed? Share with us in comments! [Edit: for those noting the Audio Levelling addition, that has actually been a feature in this app for quite some time and is not new at all]

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