Friends Forever

In the blink of an eye the technology landscape can change. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. A company that’s dominating the market for a few years can become complacent and in turn need to fight for relevancy. So today we’ve got Nokia sticking up for Apple in the courtroom.

Earlier today, Nokia filed a brief to support Apple in their legal battle with Samsung. Right now Apple is working on getting a permanent injunction against a handful of Samsung handsets. Nokia is the only company not directly involved with the case to voice their opinion on the future outcome of the Apple vs. Samsung court battle.

The injunction that Apple is seeking against Samsung hit an obstacle when the presiding judge, Lucy Koh, ruled that the Cupertino company needs to establish a casual nexus between its patented feature and the demand for its phones if it wishes to obtain a permanent injunction.

The brief Nokia submitted was sealed for the court only, but a summary from Nokia clues us in on why they are supporting Apple. Basically Nokia fears that the ruling could cause a wide range of damage to the patent protection landscape here in the United States.

Nokia has a huge amount of mobile-related patents in its war chest. It’s inevitable that Nokia will be in the courtroom sometime in the future as either a defendant or plaintiff. By expressing support for Apple they are hoping to ensure a future precedent that favors them.

Any other armchair analysts want to chime in on what they think of this?

Source: Reuters Legal