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Nokia's releasing a Lumia-edition of the Nimbuzz messaging app

Although we already have an official Nimbuzz app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, a service that seemingly was more popular years ago rather than in 2012, Nokia is evidently crafting their own take on the service.

In a recent article on Mashable, Nokia revealed that the new Nimbuzz app will launch “this Thursday” for their Lumia phones. The new version of the app was developed in conjunction with Nokia and it is expected to have some design differences with perhaps even more features than the current non-Lumia version.

We noted above that Nimbuzz is not popular at all in the US with less than 9 million users, but as Mashable points out that the app is very popular in emerging markets and one of the top three Symbian apps downloaded worldwide. It’s obvious why Nokia would be keen on making that a top-shelf app for their audience.

For those unfamiliar, Nimbuzz provides free SMS messaging, group messaging, and picture sharing, making it a competitor of sorts with the newer WhatsApp and Kik.

Besides Nimbuzz, Nokia has also identified a total of 10 top-Symbian apps it is looking to port over to their Lumia line. No details or ETA on those apps were given at press time.

We just checked the Nokia Collection and did not see the new Nimbuzz client listed, though we’ll keep an eye out for when it pops up.

In the meantime, if you are curious or have a non-Lumia Windows Phone, you can find the official Nimbuzz client here in the Marketplace.

Source: Mashable

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