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Speaking of Nokia and exclusive apps, the company has gone ahead and pushed out two updates today as well.  No changelog was provided so we’ll have to rely on intuition and your experiences in comments.

First up is the Dark Knight Rises which features trailers, show times (when it’s out) and mini-games using Foursquare checkins.  The app has always been a little slow and we imagine some of you experienced bugs with the mini-games so hopefully it’s improved. This is the second update for the app which is now at version 1.2.

The next one up is Nokia Trailers which is getting its first update to version 1.1. We’re glad to see this app get updated since it’s actually very useful. We knew of two issues before v1.1 specifically the geolocation option would not stick when selected and the Live Tile did not often update.

We’re unable to download either update now, blame it on the Marketplace, but we’re hoping those two bugs are gone in addition to any other fixes or new features. We’ll update this as we play around but if you notice anything else, hit us up on comments.

You can pick up The Dark Knight Rises here and Nokia Trailers here in the Marketplace.

Via: WMPU and thanks, Mark W., for the heads up

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