Although the whole Instagram brouhaha is still going on with Windows Phone, Nokia has kindly updated their universal Windows Phone app #2InstaWithLove with a new filter.

The new effect is called HandCam and it adds a reddish hue along with saturated darks to the image it is applied too (as opposed to the more yellow Polaroid look). It still keeps with the retro-Instagram style while giving users a bit more flexibility for image creativity.


Nokia made the app as a way for Lumia users (and later all Windows Phones) to share their desire for an official Instagram app for the platform. By using the app, you can add Instagram like filters to your images and post them to social networks with the #2InstaWithLove hashtag, showing support/solidarity with the Windows Phone community. 

It’s a free app and kind of fun to use, so why not pick it up and post some photos?

Grab #2InstaWithLove version 2.2 for Windows Phone here in the Store. Thanks, John T., for the tip!

QR: #2instaWithLov