Nokia has just begun rolling out an update for their Creative Studio app for editing your photos. The other day we gave you a tutorial on how to make the best of the app, as it’s quite handy for quickly touching up your images (and not downscaling their size).

Version is now trickling out, updated from, though it may take awhile to hit the servers (only a few of our staff were able to see the update, so this is very fresh). 

Of course there is no changelog with this update, which implies that there are no new features. Indeed, upon launching it we have not noticed anything different with the app.

Our bet is Nokia tweaked up the code a bit, hopefully fixing some crashing problem that we had experienced. We previously noticed on occasion that the app would fail to successfully save a photo after editing it. It usually involved cropping and then using ‘Clarity’ and it seemed tied to not enough memory. The trick to keeping it steady was to not have any “large” apps or games hanging in the background, freeing up some RAM. So far with this update, we have yet to re-create that crash scenario, which makes us thrilled.

You can head to the Nokia Collection to pick up Creative Studio here. If you don’t see the update, give it some time, as this is a very fresh rollout. Thanks, Rune A., for the tip!

QR: Creative Studio