Nokia has this morning pushed out an update for the Extras + Info system app for Lumia Windows Phone. Version is now live in the Store, up from, which showed up less than a week ago.

So what’s new? Regrettably, no changelog is present besides the usual “general fixes and improvements”. What’s more, when we compare version numbers for the sub-system apps like Accessories Agent or Silent Installer, no changes were noticed.  

So all in all, we’re not sure what this fixes, but we’re going to take a guess that Nokia does and pushed it out for a reason. (The last update did change many of those sub-system apps, so maybe this is adjusting some of those settings.) Since it’s always good to have the latest version of these system apps, as they can fix minor bug or tweak some settings, we recommend you go and grab it.

Head here to the Windows Phone Store to pick up Extras + Info version or scan the QR code below. Thanks, Ken S., for the tip!

QR: Extras