Nokia is certainly running full speed ahead, with the Lumia 925 being released in areas in Europe, the Nokia ‘EOS’ on the brink of announcement and the Lumia 928 evidently selling quite well on Verizon. Then there’s their other eight or nine Windows Phone 8 devices…

Speaking of those, if you have one, you’ll want to think about following our Store links to grab the latest iterations of Extras + Info and Play To.

The former app, Extras + Info, ties into some Nokia services on your phone and features a lot of “under the hood” user improvements. That’s the case with this update as we or Windows Phone Italy have no formal changes to report, but it’s always good to have the latest, which happens to be version found here.

The second app, Play To, is Nokia’s own DLNA app for streaming media to various devices like your TV, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. That app just got updated to version is, which you can now grab via the Nokia Collection. Once again, there is no formal change log.

Find any changes? Certain they are not placebo effects? Sound off in comments and let others know!

QR: Extras + Info

QR: Play To