Who uses Yahoo! messenger? We don’t know as Yahoo! brings back memories of AOL and the 1990’s (Pearl Jam, anyone?) but regardless, it’s an important service for many and Nokia Chat Beta is actually a pretty nice app.

Version 1.3.81 has gone out today, which is a slight bump from just a few weeks ago. That last update was a big one that was detailed by Nokia Beta Labs. Unfortunately, there’s no changelog with today’s update so we’ll have to just assume that it’s some minor performance improvements and under the hood fixes. Indeed, that’s how it usually goes with a big update followed by some smaller fixes.

Why use Nokia Chat? Well, it’s a solid, traditional chat app that can connect up to Yahoo! messenger. It has toast notifications, presence status, location info and all sorts of options. It works well, though some have complained of the app being sluggish. Hopefully today’s update helps that along.

You can pick up Nokia Chat Beta 1.3.81 here in the Store. Notice anything new or improved? Give us a shout out in comments.

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