For those who like to live on the edge of their seats with beta apps, you will want to check Nokia Camera beta, which is now up to version Is there x-ray vision? Automatic refocusing days later? Jokes aside, unfortunately, no, as this update for Nokia Camera beta brings some "bug fixes and improvements" to the table.

If we hazard a guess, this update probably works a bit better with those on Lumia Cyan or running Windows Phone 8.1 Update, as those OS refreshes tend to bring some new quirks when tested by the masses. Interestingly, the name still has not changed from Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera, which is something expected to happen at some point. Regardless, you can now download from the Store and take it for a spin.

Side tipDo you want to make the camera app faster? If you have the option on newer hardware, disable taking Living Images under Settings, as it will make saving the photo a smidgen faster.

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