Nokia Camera Something went wrong

Some members in our WPCentral community forums are reporting a bug on Nokia Camera that deletes photos when reframing. After checking with our own Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020 devices, we can confirm and reproduce the error.

Head past the break for the steps to reproduce the bug. Don’t try it on a photo that you really like.

  1. Open photos – camera roll.
  2. Select a photo
  3. Click ‘open in Nokia Camera’
  4. Click the reframe button
  5. Hold the back button to open another application
  6. Hold the back button to go back to Nokia Camera
  7. Click save.

Nokia Camera error

The error should now appear. It says ‘Something went wrong.’ If you check your camera roll, the photo is not there anymore. Where did it go?

Have you experienced this error? Are you able to duplicate the error from the steps above? Let us know in the poll below! (Or head to on your phone)


Thanks for the tip, ttacc!