Note: Image above is merely a concept device, not the Catwalk

We’ve been hearing about the Nokia ‘Catwalk’ for some time now (not to be confused with Verizon's 'Laser', though they may be analogous), a sister device of sorts to the Lumia 920 but with a focus on an aluminum chassis to make it more nimble. Now, Italian blogger and personality Flavio has revealed the supposed specs for the device.

Is there anything revelatory? Not really. The device will feature the same 4.5” display but with octaOLED, S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 16GB of storage (down from 32GB), 2000mAh battery and an 8.7MP OIS camera with Xenon flash (Correction: no Xenon flash, but LED instead). No mention of a microSD card for expansion, however.

The big difference is in weight and thinness, as the ‘Catwalk’ will reportedly chop off just over 50 grams in weight (132g) and about 2.3mm in thickness (8.4 versus 10.7mm on the 920).

Call us crazy, but those minor refinements for the ‘Catwalk’ could be a big deal as it will make Nokia much more competitive with those who desire a lighter, thinner phone.

No carriers were announced though T-Mobile was speculated as being one carrier in the US (something we've heard personally too). Launch of the device is said to be May 15th with actual availability to carriers for sale being “the end of June”.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. It will be real interesting to see if AT&T “refreshes” their 920 with this updated model akin to the HTC HD7s in the past.

Source: Flavio (Twitter); via PocketNow; Thanks, Joel H., for the tip!