Lumia 900 Update

Saturday when we picked up our Glossy-white Lumia 900, we were surprised to see that it did not have the latest firmware installed, despite having the green-dot on the box indicating that the data-issue had been resolved.

This afternoon we received an email directly from Nokia PR (and a follow up that went to numerous media outlets) clarifying the situation a bit. It's a tad confusing but we'll try to keep it simple. Basically the 2175.1000.8112.12082 firmware with the green-dot on the box is the fixed firmware. Did we just blow your minds? Hold on...

So why were we prompted for a software update? Nokia basically fixed the 12082 firmware at the factory directly with a patch but in order for Zune Desktop to push out the update for the phones people didn't return, they had to change the firmware build, which is why 12084 exists.

In other words there are sort of two 12082 firmwares out there -- one broke, the other fixed -- and 12084 is the same as the fixed-12082. Get that?

The short of it is this: if you get a Lumia 900 (Matte-black, Cyan or Glossy White) and it has the green dot, it's a-okay and will have zero data issues. You can still update to 12084 but in reality, you're just bumping the firmware number as it is not "fixing" anything at this point.

So Nokia, you're still doing a good job and consumers, there is nothing to worry about.