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Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

When Nokia entered the Windows Phone market, one of their strategies to attract customers was to provide exclusive apps and games for their Lumia Windows Phones.  While other Windows Phone manufacturers offer similar collections of apps, the Nokia Collection is by far the largest offering.

From Xbox Live game titles to camera apps to utilities to news apps, the Nokia Collection adds to the attraction the Lumia Windows Phones have.

As of December 2012, Nokia has over 50 exclusive apps and games available to those with Lumia phones.


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Nokia adds personalized notes in latest Glance screen update

Nokia has today pushed out an update for its Glance screen. This Lumia exclusive feature enables consumers to add images and display the clock while the Windows Phone screen is locked. It's possible to configure the Glance screen to display at intervals, as well as setting night modes, but Nokia is extending functionality even further.

This latest system app release introduces a new feature for consumers, making it possible for custom messages to be created for display when the screen is locked.

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Nokia releases Modern Mayor, a 'Green' SIM City game exclusively for Lumias

Nokia has released the Windows Phone 8 game Modern Mayor to the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store. Think of Sim City but with more of an ecological approach.

The story line has you leading a dying town riddled with pollution, trash piles everywhere and beaches that are covered in sludge and other debris. Your mission is to turn things around and build a thriving ecologically friendly town.

In just tinkering with Nokia’s Modern Mayor, the game comes across with a bit of appeal and should be an entertaining gaming title for our Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices.

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Nokia returns Storyteller to Lumia Windows Phones, updates Nokia Camera

Nokia Storyteller was removed from the Windows Phone Store after the most recent update caused issues for consumers. The Nokia app allows consumers to sort through their galleries and categorise photos into easy-to-navigate albums. An interesting twist to the story was only low-end hardware were unaffected by the issues, leaving those with more powerful smartphones in the dark with no working app.

The manufacturer has since published the app on the Nokia Collection with a new release, not only that but we have a minor update for Nokia Camera too. 

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Miniclip's Hot Rod Racers speeds onto Nokia Windows Phones

It's time to hop into the hot seat and fire up the engines as Hot Rod Racers from Miniclip speeds onto Windows Phone. The highly popular game has only been available on iOS and Android for a week and already Miniclip has released the Windows Phone counterpart (for Nokia Lumia hardware that is). This is a positive sign of things to come. If you're ready to commence drag racing, shift past the break for more details and store links.

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Nokia Weather Channel gets updated, loses some features

We like app updates. They take apps that we like and make them better. You’ll get more features, improvements on existing features and bug fixes. That’s typically what happens when you head to the Windows Phone Store to update an app. Which is why it’s a little odd that the Nokia edition of the Weather Channel just lost some functionality in its latest update. Details below.

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Updated with Lumia Black? Grab Nokia Beamer and StoryTeller from the Windows Phone Store

Nokia is currently pushing out the highly anticipated Lumia Black update to Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 owners in multiple markets (we're receiving tips left, right and centre from you guys – other Lumia Windows Phones will follow). But did you also know that once updated you'll be able to take full advantage of both Nokia Beamer and StoryTeller?

These two apps were previously only available on the Lumia 1520, which runs Nokia's Black update. Rocking Lumia Black on your Lumia 925 or 1020? Head on past the break for more details, QR codes and download links for these two great apps.

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Camera Beta app released for all Lumia Windows Phones with Nokia Black or Amber firmware updates

If you have a PureView Windows Phone (Lumia 920, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520, etc.), chances are you've been enjoying the Nokia Camera app. But folk who own a Lumia Windows Phone that does not sport PureView camera technology have not been able to enjoy the same experience. That is until now.

Nokia previously stated at its conference in Abu Dhabi that all Lumia Windows Phones would soon be able to be loaded with Nokia Camera, not just handsets in the 92x series or higher. The company has today released a beta version of its popular camera app that includes support for more hardware. The only requirement is either the Nokia Amber or Nokia Black firmware update (according to Nokia's website).

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See exactly how long you've been on the phone with the latest Lumia Network+ update

Nokia has released an update for its Network+ system app on Lumia Windows Phones. If you're not familiar with what Network+ brings in terms of functionality, the app deals with some cell network settings and is considered pretty important. We've today received a bunch of tips surrounding a release.

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Nokia updates Accessories app to support BH-121 Bluetooth headset, fix bugs

Nothing in the realm of huge updates, but this morning Nokia has pushed out a new version of its Accessories app for Lumia phones. The app is used for finer control over specific hardware, like the CR-200 in-car stand or the newly announced BH-121 Bluetooth headset.

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Nokia pushes out Play To app for Lumia 1520 owners, streams to Xbox One

One app that was missing support on the 1080P Lumia 1520 was Nokia’s DLNA-enabled Play To. The app was ‘not available’ to download, presumably due to no display resolution support. Now, Nokia is remedying that by releasing Play To version 3.0 beta.

We just installed the app on our Lumia 1520 and connected it to our Xbox One for a fantastic streaming experience. Photos, video and music were able to show up on our 55-inch TV right from our Lumia phone with ease. Compared to earlier experiences, streaming content was much faster and efficient. We’re not sure if that’s the new Snapdragon 800 processor or the improved Xbox One, but we like the results.

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