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Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

Nokia Collection for Windows Phone

When Nokia entered the Windows Phone market, one of their strategies to attract customers was to provide exclusive apps and games for their Lumia Windows Phones.  While other Windows Phone manufacturers offer similar collections of apps, the Nokia Collection is by far the largest offering.

From Xbox Live game titles to camera apps to utilities to news apps, the Nokia Collection adds to the attraction the Lumia Windows Phones have.

As of December 2012, Nokia has over 50 exclusive apps and games available to those with Lumia phones.


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Add your current location to the Lockscreen with LockMapper from Nokia [Update]

Travel a lot and/or wish there was a better way to update your lockscreen with your current location as an image, without having to screenshot the Maps app and add the image manually? You're in luck as Nokia has published LockMapper to the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. The exclusive app enables you to add your current location to the lockscreen as the background, no matter where you are.

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Clever advertisement highlights App Social from Nokia

How do you find out about apps? Blogs, browsing the Windows Phone Store, or maybe asking friends? App Social (previously called App Highlights) from Nokia is one of our favorite ways to discover new apps.

The hybrid social network allows for users to create lists of their favorite apps. And like any good social network, you can follow users if you want to see what sort of apps they recommend. It's another tool for users to discover new and exciting apps. App Social itself is fairly new to the scene. So to help promote it, Nokia's made a pretty funny video. Check it out after the break.  

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Nokia updates Video Trimmer and Video Upload apps in anticipation of new Lumias

Nokia has been busy pushing out small and subtle updates for their core Lumia apps on Windows Phone. While these have not brought any new features, they all tend to say “support for more devices” under their changelogs.

Next week, Nokia is expected to announce a few new Lumias at their Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. Coincidence? Not at all. Some of those devices should feature a 1080P display, and while current apps will technically run fine at that resolution, developers are encouraged to rethink some scaling and graphics for their apps to make them look the best.

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Kik Messenger joins the Nokia Collection, could updates be around the corner?

There are more messaging platforms and services than you can count. We’ve got Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Kik, BBM, and others all vying to rule the roost. Which is best really comes down to which one your friends and family are using. We’re fans of Skype and WhatsApp around here, but a lot of folks dig Kik.

What’s the latest on the app? Well curiously enough, it’s now listed in the Nokia Collection. What’s that mean? Let’s find out.

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Nokia updates Cinemagraph for Lumia Windows Phones with unknown improvements

Nokia has once again updated its Cinemagraph app for Lumia Windows Phones. The app enables you to record footage with the camera, edit the recording and save the result as an animated, GIF-like clip. Perfect for quickly sharing on social networks.

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More Xbox Windows Phone games drop Nokia exclusivity

Less than a week ago we reported that two former Nokia exclusive Xbox games: Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane become available to all Windows Phone users. Several more former exclusives have just followed, right in time for the weekend: Vampire Rush from A-Steroids, Storm in a Teacup from Cobra, and The Sims Medieval from Electronic Arts. Okay, The Sims Medieval actually went non-exclusive a little earlier but we’re just getting to it now.

With three more Xbox games available to all Windows Phone users, the list of Nokia exclusive Xbox titles grows ever shorter. Head past the break for details, Store links, and an updated list of the remaining exclusives!

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World of Red Bull and NFC Writer receive small updates

Red Bull is one of those companies constantly kicking ass and doing crazy things. Between dropping a man from the edge of space, Flugtag, and winning Formula One events there isn’t much they don’t have their hands in. They also have a handful of apps in the Windows Phone Store. One of them, World of Red Bull, is part of the Nokia Collection and allows fans to stay up to date with everything Red Bull does. Speaking of the Nokia Collection, another app was recently updated. NFC Writer allows for users to modify and edit NFC tags and was just updated. Let’s check out both apps.

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Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane ditch Nokia exclusivity, now available on all Windows Phone brands

With all the excitement over Tetris Blitz releasing on Windows Phone 8 last week, we almost missed that a couple of former Nokia Windows Phone exclusives have now become available to all Windows Phone users. Perish the thought!

The games are Dream Track Nation and Tiny Plane, both from PowPow Games. They clock in at $2.99 apiece and run on both Windows Phone 7 and 8 hardware. More Xbox Windows Phone games is always a good thing, but the low production values of these titles might temper excitement a bit…

Head past the break for details, Store links, and a full list of the remaining Nokia exclusive Xbox games!

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Benji Bananas, a fast paced action game joins the Nokia Collection

Benji Bananas is a new action adventure game that has landed in the Nokia Collection of the Windows Phone Store. The game has you playing the role of Benji who has to navigate his way through the jungle by swinging from vine to vine.

Along the way Benji must collect bananas and avoid the dangers of the jungle that will ruin his day. Benji Bananas has fantastic graphics, an up tempo pace and is a enjoyable game to pass the time with.

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Nokia Lumia exclusive Adidas miCoach launches on Windows Phone 8

There's already an aray of apps available on Windows Phone to help out with your fitness, but now Adidas is entering the game with its Nokia exclusive miCoach. Launching today, miCoach is an interactive personal training solution that will aid you in keeping fit, while being able to synchronise with Adidas services ( and take advantage of Windows Phone features.

There are numerous features included, as well as some unique additions not found on other platforms. So let's jump straight in and see what all the fuss is about.

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