Yesterday we reported on a rare update for the Play To app by Nokia. The DLNA program allows users to stream media, like photos, videos and music, to their DLNA enabled TV or Xbox. The update was intended to improve “Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring it continues working with future devices and firmware updates.”

Ironically, however, many users on our site began having problems with the update. Specifically, reports of users only getting a black screen began rolling in, with warnings to others to not install the update.

This morning, Nokia has come clean on the problem and as it turns out, it’s because many of you have the Update 3 Preview for Developers installed. That release, while a preview, is missing some key components necessary for Play To to work. Nokia sent an email this morning to users of the app, with the following note:

“Some people have reported issues that Play to version with updates starting 19th December is no longer working on their devices. One common problem seems that those users have updated their devices with the GDR3 developer preview image from Microsoft. That image is missing crucial SW components written by Nokia and the Play to application will not work on such devices.”

Basically, you’re out of luck until your official Lumia Black with the Nokia-specific Update 3 software comes to your phone. Of course if you don’t have the developer preview installed (i.e. you’re still on Amber) or you one of the few to have the Lumia 1020 ‘Black’ update from yesterday, then you should be okay.