Lumia 920

According to the NokiaCareUS Twitter account, Microsoft is still planning to roll out an update for Windows Phone 8 smartphones this month (codenamed "Portico"). We've already had our unbranded HTC 8X receive and apply an update, which was pinned as Microsoft simply testing its new OTA update process.

The update itself is expected to fix issues that many are experiencing, including random handset resets. It was first revealed that the update will be coming in December last month by All Things D at the WSJ. In addition to system performance and stability improvements, Microsoft will also be implementing SMS drafts and call rejection functionality to name but a handful of features that are on their way.

This is merely a confirmation that Microsoft is still working on preparing the backend systems for a December rollout, which would wrap up 2012 nicely. The question of course remains, how even and universal will this update be? That remains to be seen. But going by the Tweet, is sounds more like this is a direct Microsoft patch with Nokia having little to do with the update.

Source: Twitter; thanks, Giovanni, for the heads up!